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Daily living aids

Very often it’s the little daily living aids that make the biggest difference; from aids which allow you to easily pick up jewellery that has fallen on the floor, to aids which enable you to effortlessly reach the top of the kitchen cupboards. You’ll be pleased to know all of our of aids for daily living are designed to help make a big difference, with a wide range of little yet amazing solutions for every aspect of daily living.

Aids for daily dressing

With our range of daily dressing aids you can get dressed quicker and easier, even if you are dressing with one hand or find bending down difficult. Our solutions include long handled shoe horns, sock and stocking aids, and button hooks.

General aids for daily living

Whether you’re looking for a simple grab rail which offers extra safety and support by your front door, a useful key turning aid to make turning keys easier, or a key safe to make sure you’re never locked out, we have a wide selection of general aids perfect for the demands that daily living creates.

Regardless of how young or old you are, you’ll also find our daily living reaching aids very versatile and useful. The list of things you can do with these aids is as long as your imagination, from picking up a magazine which is out of reach, to retrieving clothes and kitchen utensils which have dropped on the floor.

Kitchen, eating and drinking

From bottle openers to talking weighing scales, our range of aids for the kitchen is here to make everyday tasks like cooking, eating and drinking, safe and easy. Whether you’re after a budget buy to aid medical rehabilitation, or a deluxe accessory to help overcome the effects of Parkinson’s disease, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Aids for one handed daily living activities

At Days Healthcare we aim to make every aspect of daily living easier. We offer a wide range of products for one handed daily living activities, including button hooks for dressing, and bowls and cutlery for eating.

Sensory and telecare aids

Days Healthcare offers a growing range of sensory and telecare aids for daily living, including those specifically designed for the deaf and blind. From talking kitchen scales to vibrating alarm clocks, our products are designed to enrich your life and maximise your independence.

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