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Walking Aids

Rediscover independence with our complete range of walking aids

Whether you’re looking for a bit of extra support for that big day out, or just a little extra help around the home, our range of walking aids has something for everyone.


Crutches offer essential and highly effective support and pressure relief to aid walking when recovering from an injury or longer term aches and pains. All of our crutches are made from aluminium to ensure they are lightweight and easy to lift, and come with non-marking slip resistant tips for added safety.

Lightweight walkers

Our four-wheel lightweight walkers offer more safety and support than any other walking aid in the range. Each walker is lightweight and comes with a built-in rest seat which is ideal for when you’re out and about. Every walking aid also comes with a back support for comfort.

Tri-Wheel walkers

Tri-Wheel walkers are the most manoeuvrable of all wheeled walking aids. Our Tri-Wheel walkers are available in both aluminium and steel, and come with a waterproof bag as standard. Importantly each walker also comes with easy to use loop lockable brakes for safety, and can be folded for transportation and storage.

Trolley walkers

The trolley walker is the perfect solution if you’d like to combine all the benefits of a trolley with a walking aid which has brakes. Trolley walkers are incredibly versatile and offer outstanding levels of support for walking in and around your home.

Walker rest seats

Ideal for days out, such as annual shows or trips to the local nature reserve, our range of walker rest seats ensures you can relax wherever and whenever you want to. The majority of the walker rest seat range is also dual purpose, with the seat folding to enable it to also be used as a standard walking aid.

Walking frames

Our extensive range of walking frames ensures whether you’re looking for a simple walking aid which offers everything you need for safer and improved independence, or an advanced walking frame which is specifically developed for arthritis sufferers, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

Walking sticks

From a simple wooden walking stick with a crook handle, to an adjustable folding walking stick which will fit in your handbag, our range of walking sticks includes everything you need for safety, support and independence both inside and outdoors. For even greater support than a standard walking stick we also offer tripods and quadrupeds as an alternative walking aid.

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