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Home aids

At Days Healthcare we know that the best home aids are comfortable, affordable and look great too. In this range you’ll discover a great selection of aids for the home, from table and chairs to comfort and pressure care products.

Chair raisers

If you’re finding lowering into or raising from your chair difficult or uncomfortable, our range of chair raisers will enable you to adapt your current chair, rather than buy a new one. We have a complete range of raisers to ensure whatever type of chair you have, and however high you want to raise it, you’ll be able to find the perfect solution.

General home aids

We offer a wide range of independent living aids which are ideal for use around the home. Our general home aids range includes products such as reaching aids to enable you to pick up items which would otherwise be out of reach and adjustable height leg rests.


Our range of tables enable you to eat, drink, play games or do whatever you fancy, from the comfort of your armchair or bed. Our range includes tables with dedicated mug holders and tables with an angle adjustable top so you can find maximum comfort.


To make carrying items around your home easier and safer, such as a hot plate of food or a tray of tea and biscuits, we offer a range of trolleys. Whether you’re looking for a simple trolley or a trolley which has easy to use brakes to make it also suitable for use as in indoor / outdoor walking aid, you’ll be able to find the perfect trolley for you.

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