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Bedroom aids

Sleeping and resting are vital for enabling our bodies to repair and replenish themselves. In our bedroom aids department therefore you’ll find everything you need for complete safety and relaxation from luxurious bed rails and bumpers to mattresses, covers and protectors.

Bed rails, cot sides and bumpers

Our bed rails are designed to offer support and safety, giving you peace of mind while you’re sleeping and enabling you to gently raise and lower yourself. Whether you’re looking for a bed rail which will fit both divan and slatted beds, a bed rail which is easy to remove to take on holidays, or a bed rail which will fit single and double beds, our extensive range ensures you’ll find a solution which is perfect for you and your lifestyle. We also offer an extensive range of cot sides and bumpers.

Bed raisers

If you’re finding lowering or raising painful or uncomfortable you can raise the height of your bed, rather than buy a new one. We have a wide range of bed raisers to enable you to find the perfect solution, regardless of the type of bed you have, or how high you want to raise it.

General bedroom aids

From an over-bed table perfect for eating, drinking or playing games in bed, to a luxurious lamb’s wool bed pad which adds wonderful comfort, to a padded adjustable backrest which offers extra comfort and support while sitting up, we have a fantastic selection of general bedroom aids which will add more comfort, more convenience and more independence to your life.

Mattress protectors

To help keep your mattress in top condition, we offer a wide selection of mattress protectors, including waterproof mattress protectors and absorbent mattress protectors.

Overbed and bed lap tables

We have a wide range of overbed and bed lap tables to ensure you can eat, drink, play games, or do whatever you fancy, from the comfort of your own bed.

Commodes for the bedroom

Our commodes for the bedroom are beautifully designed to blend into your bedroom. The range includes a white and gold basket weave commode chair and a traditional hardwood commode with a padded seat and back.

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