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Manual wheelchairs -
Because life doesn’t stop

Whether it’s going to college, your career, or your personal interests, life doesn’t stop. When you’re active with a busy lifestyle however, a manual wheelchair from Days Healthcare makes life so much easier and more rewarding.

Lightweight active wheelchairs

If you’re an active wheelchair user, you’ll love a choice of manual wheelchairs. For general use we offer the Link wheelchair. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a wheelchair designed for optimum energy efficiency and speed, our Vega and Venus wheelchairs are great solutions.

Lightweight folding wheelchairs

We offer a wide range of electric and manual ultra lightweight and foldable wheelchairs which are perfect for travelling and convenient storage. All folding wheelchairs are highly portable and can be easily put into a car boot or cupboard.

Manual wheelchairs

From a simple manual wheelchair which is perfect for short-term or part-time use, to a high performance and incredibly comfortable wheelchair for full-time use, we have a complete range of manual wheelchair solutions. Our range of wheelchairs also includes lightweight titanium wheelchairs ideal for sport and competitions, lightweight folding wheelchairs and heavy duty wheelchairs.

Wheelchair seating support and postural control

To help you get the most from your manual wheelchair we offer VERSAtec seating support, which is exclusive to Days Healthcare. VERSAtec offers superb comfort and postural control, tailored to your needs and exactly where you need it. The range includes everything from back supports to foot positioners, and can be fitted to any of our wheelchairs.

Accessories for wheelchairs

All manual and power wheelchairs are available with accessories or optional extras. Please see individual product pages for further information.

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